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Children: Safety and Education
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  • Child ID Kits and Child Safety Products
    Provides imprinted custom child ID kits and child ID cards, child safety identification software, drug identification CD-ROMs and more.

  • Child Lures
    Child Lures Prevention program has been providing proven personal safety strategies for over 15 years. This site offers invaluable information for parents, educators, other professionals, and most importantly, children.

  • Child Safety Identification CD
    A child safety identification cd-rom where you can print child id kits, medical safety identification cards, shoe id, child safety stickers and much more.

  • Child Welfare League of America
    CWLA is an association of more than 1,000 public and private nonprofit agencies that assist over 2.5 million abused and neglected children and their families each year with a wide range of services.

  • Computer Security Awareness
    This web site aims to provide computer security awareness and information to the home and business and user, and provide a SAFE location for kids to play and learn.

  • Fingerprint America's Child Safety Line
    Comprehensive, custom-imprinted, at-home child identification fingerprinting kits and safety products for parents, law enforcement, and educators.

  • Kiddie ID
    If the unthinkable ever happened, this ID card with your child's picture and vital information can be easily stored in your purse or wallet, readily accessible. Emergencies are never planned, they just happen.

  • National Runaway Switchboard
    Serves as the federally-designated communication system for runaway or homeless youth and their families. Provides assistance to parents, children, schools, law enforcement organizations and the community through prevention and education programs, crisis intervention, and referral services. The organization is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • OfficerMike.Com
    Village Constable's site dedicated to youth. Pages include information on Safety youth crisis assistance Music Laws pertaining to youth community groups local events.

  • PedoWatch
    PedoWatch is one of the oldest organizations on the Internet that is working with law enforcement worldwide to remove child pornography and child luring activity.

  • Prison Officers Informing Neighborhood T
    A juvenile crime deterrent program that shows that crime and drugs can lead to being incarcerated in an adult prison.

  • Protect Our Kids
    A useful tool in the effort to protect children while they are using the Internet. We aim to bring parents and law enforcement together.

  • SOC-UM
    A non-profit organization dedicated to prevention, awareness, and education of child abuse.

  • STOP Sex Offenders
    Your source for child and family safety information. Informative Child Safety Maneuvers; child abuse & reporting information, National Sex Offender Registry; online Child ID System, Safety for Women & Seniors, & more.

  • Software4Parents
    Internet Filtering and Monitoring Software

  • The Children's Task Force
    Volunteer organization staffed by off duty police officers, PI's and computer savvy techs. Investigate cyber crimes committed against children. Child porn sites are reported here. "Bad guys" in chat rooms are reported here. Investigators work hand in hand with Law Enforcement Agencies to assist in the arrest of predators, paedophiles, close down child porn sites, stop the distribution of child pornography, and the exploitation of children. All services are gratis.

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