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  • Law Enforcement Jobs
    Employment information on over 2,500 departments and agencies in the field of law enforcement. The largest law enforcement employment web site on the Internet. Covers federal, municipal police, state police, sheriff's, dis-patchers, university and college police,and members of the corrections community.

  • Police Career
    Law enforcement pre-employment books and services. Have helped thousands of police applicants significantly improve their law enforcement employment chances using free and low cost books, disks, résumé and employment services.

  • Police Review Jobs Online
    Free service to job seekers looking for employment with UK Police Forces and other police related jobs

  • Police, Sheriff, Law Enforcement Recruit
    Police, Sheriff, Law Enforcement Recruit Recruiting Recruitment, Hiring And Retention Of Public Safety Personnel Seminar

    Employment, testing and interviewing information for state and federal police careers.

  • The Back Up
    Law enforcement employment resource.

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