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Criminology & Criminal Justice
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  • 1000+ Death Penalty Links
    Clark County Prosecuting Attorney Over 1000 death penalty links, arranged in 44 separate categories, including 90+ pro death penalty links.

  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
    International organization established in 1963 to foster professional and scholarly activities in the field of criminal justice.

  • Al Martin Raw
    Whistleblower Al Martin, editor of the infamous CageRattler's Gazette, presents a new electronic book called "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider." Also Weekly Document Specials (choice docs & photos for sale. One-stop online shopping for govt docs and photos re: Iran-Contra, Iraqgate, BCCI, BNL and other govt scandals.

  • Australian Institute of Criminology
    The Institute is the national focus for the study of crime and criminal justice in Australia and for the dissemination of criminal justice information. The Institute draws on information supplied to it by a wide variety of sources and its policy advice is objective and independent.

  • Books - TRUE CRIME
    Dubbed Hannibal the Cannable, Robert Maudsley is revealed in detail by investigative author Steve Richards.

  • Christina J. Johns
    Current information and essays regarding crime and the law.

  • Corrections 2020 - New Criminal Justice
    New research and experimental projects are challenging established paradigms of inmate management, justice and prison rehabilitation.

  • Crime Mapping Research Center
    The goal of the Center is the promotion, research, evaluation, development, and dissemination of GIS (geographic information systems) technology and the spatial analysis of crime. Free mapping software available for download.

  • Crime Theory
    An educational resource for the learning and teaching of theoretical criminology.

  • Crime Times
    Crime Times provides current information on research about the link between aberrant behavior and neurochemical imbalances, physical injury, drugs, toxic environment, diet, food and chemical sensitivities, birth trauma, and genetic vulnerabilities to such factors.

  • Crime, Law, and Related Links
    A comprehensive listing of quality links related to crime, law, and criminology and the world wide web.

  • Criminal Justice Careers
    News and articles related to obtaining a career or degree in the criminal justice field

  • Criminal Justice Mega Links
    A variety of exceptional links to criminal justice sites on the web.

  • Criminal Justice Work
    Interesting home page of previous deputy, jail statistician, and teacher of criminology courses.

  • Critical Criminology
    A project of the Critical Criminology Division of the American Society of Criminology.

    Diamond robbery foiled. The biggest diamond heist in the world has been foiled. Coverage by investigative journalist Steve Richards.

  • Death Penalty Links
    Links to numerous sites that provide information about people, cases, and issues such as abolition, religion, innocence, and other topics related to capital punishment.

  • European Criminology Network
    Designed to improve the contact in between the scientific community of criminology and to support the up-and-coming academics of criminology. The second aim of the network is to facilitate the access for journalists and politicans to criminologic knowledge. Furthermore we support the politic of Harm-Reduction.

  • Genocide Research Project
    A reference and contact site for scholars and students pursuing research on genocide and international law. Maintains an on-line, annotated bibliography of recent research publications on genocide. They want to increase the visibility of genocide and other crimes against humanity as research topics for criminologists and criminal justice scholars.

  • ICJE Home Page
    The Institute for Criminal Justice Education (ICJE) is a nonprofit Alabama corporation which provides training, develops courses and distributes research material relating to investigation, management and technology in the criminal justice arena.

  • Justice Information Center
    One of the most extensive sources of information on criminal and juvenile justice in the world, providing services to an international community of policymakers and professionals. NCJRS is a collection of clearinghouses supporting all bureaus of the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs: the National Institute of Justice, the Office of Juvenile Justice and DelinquencyPrevention, the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Office for Victims of Crime, and the OJP Program Offices. It also supports the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Department of Justice. Information on corrections, courts, statistics, prevention, research, law enforcement, juvenile justice, and victims.

  • Law and Society Association
    A group of scholars from many fields and countries, interested in the place of law in social, political, economic and cultural life. Members bring training in law, sociology, political science, psychology, anthropology, economics, and history as well as in other related areas.

    Murder trial costing 20m covered by investigative journalist Steve Richards.

  • Rand
    A nonprofit organization that helps improve policy and decision making through research, including crime studies.

  • Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistic
    The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics brings together data from more than 100 sources about all aspects of criminal justice in the United States, which are displayed in over 600 tables.

  • Talk Justice
    Research, links, message board, and other resources for criminal justice professionals and interested citizens, including victims of crime.

  • The Death House
    A news site covering the death penalty. Unique and objective stories on the death penalty issue. Interviews with death row inmates, death penalty news and ticker of scheduled executions. Extensive site.

  • The Law Library.
    An association for world wide law reports.

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