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Crime Studies: Educational Programs
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Crime Studies
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  • Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies
    Non-profit organization whose mission is to bring solutions from behavioral science to real-world challenges.

  • Center for Studies Criminology and Law
    Interdisciplinary program, teaching students with a wide range of interests and conducting research on crime, delinquency, law, and justice. We are one of the largest academic programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with over 550 majors and minors. Graduates go to: law schools; graduate schools; and careers with law enforcement, criminal & civil justice, and human service agencies.

  • Criminal Justice at Sonoma State Univers
    The Dept. of Criminal Justice at Sonoma State University.

  • Florida State University
    School of Criminal Studies and Criminal Justice.

  • Forensic Psychology at Sam Houston State
    Doctorate program with emphasis on clinical psychological skills applied in the criminal justice system. Located in Huntsville, Texas.

  • Justice Studies Dept., Kent State Univ.
    criminal justice criminology college programs major minor graduate program paralegal studies B.A. M.A. Kent Ohio Kent State University

  • Korean Institute of Criminology
    One of their primary goals is to assist in policy formulation by analyzing the current state of crime phenomena in response to changing crime rates.

  • Learn Law Online
    Tutor support for English legal qualifications, namely GCSE/ A-Level/Undergraduate/ Postgraduate/ Professional qualification.
    Services offered are essay setting and marking, twice weekly tutor contact via e-mail.

  • Police Horse Research
    Our mission is to use the Internet and any other means reasonably available to promote the safety, health and welfare of mounted public safety officers, units and their mounts internationally.

  • Prevent Genocide International
    A global, Internet-based network of activists working to prevent the crime of genocide

  • SFU School of Criminology
    Simon Fraser University's School of Criminology in British Columbia, Canada.

  • School Resource Officer Course

  • University of Memphis, Tennessee
    Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

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