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Crime Studies: Profiling
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  • Academy of Behavioral Profiling
    A professional association dedicated to the application of evidence based criminal profiling techniques within investigative and legal venues.

  • Behavioral Criminology International
    Home page of one of the world's foremost experts in criminal profiling and crime analysis. Gregg O. McCrary retired from the FBI's elite Behavioral Science Unit in 1995.

  • Crime Times
    Crime Times provides current information on research about the link between aberrant behavior and neurochemical imbalances, physical injury, drugs, toxic environment, diet, food and chemical sensitivities, birth trauma, and genetic vulnerabilities to such factors.

  • Criminal Profiling Overview
    Basic overview of what criminal profiling entails.

  • Criminal Profiling-Offender Profiling
    Research, news and articles on Profiling, Forensics, Homicide, Psychology, Victimology, Serial Killers and Sex Offenders. Bookstore, Interviews and Forums.

  • Forensic Criminology Services
    FCS provide training and consultancy in the areas of criminal profiling, threat management in cases of stalking and sexual assault, and crime prevention.

  • Sexual Homicide Exchange, Inc.
    A nonprofit, investigative criminal profiling organization in Washington, DC, designed to assist law enforcement and the community in the solving of open serial sexual homicide cases.

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