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Criminalistics: DNA


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  • Beta Genetics
    Performing DNA paternity testing utilizing painless mouth swabs. Beta Genetics offers affordable in-home, convenient, private paternity DNA testing worldwide.

  • DNA Diagnostics Center
    One of the most experienced and the largest private DNA paternity testing laboratory in the country.

  • DNA Files
    Unraveling the mysteries of genetic science.

  • DNA Fingerprinting
    Basics on the technology from the DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

  • DNA Forensic Science
    DNA and Forensic medicine research and resources.

  • DNA Paternity Testing Answers
    DNA paternity testing services, and prenatal DNA testing.

  • DNA testing
    Use the most trusted dna testing laboratory since 1978

  • DNAWitness
    DNAWitness is a tool that can help solve your crime by narrowing your suspect field. For medical examiners and forensics laboratories, DNAWitness can be used to help prioritize large crime scene samples.

  • EUROPE's Number 1 DNA LAB
    Lord Chancellor Apporved in the UK. The leading DNA provider in Europe,

  • Expert Pages DNA Specialists
    Listing of experts in analyzing evidence, such as blood, hair or semen, to use in legal proceedings to identify parentage and/or to link evidence to an individual.

  • Genetic Paternity Testing Professionals
    Offers confidential home DNA genetic paternity testing services.

  • Genetic Test DNA Labs
    Genetic Test Labs offers fast, discreet, confidential home dna paternity testing services worldwide.
    TOLL FREE 1 - 866 - WHOS DAD

  • Independent Forensics
    Accredited Independent Forensic Laboratory performing stain identification, extraction, CODIS DNA profiling, and Convicted Offender samples.

    SWGDAM is the DNA Analysis Methods section of the FBI-supported Scientific Working Groups. Part of the National Forensic Science Technology Center.

  • World-Wide Paternity Testing
    Dedicated to making DNA Paternity Testing available to all, no matter where you are. Our Private Home Collection Kits can be shipped anywhere in the world. If you need paternity answers, we can help.

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