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Criminalistics: Forensic Sciences


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    Full service crime and accident reconstruction support group providing analytical, computer and graphic support to the criminal justice and legal community.

  • Accelerant Detection Canines
    Article from the United States Police Canine Association.

  • Alexander Jason Crime Scene Pro
    Crime scene analysis and shooting incident reconstruction. Area of specialty is the science of wound ballistics.

  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences
    Professional society dedicated to the application of science to the law.

  • Autopsies
    Autopsies, pathology, forensic medicine, death, corpses, pathology, and alien autopsies.

  • BPA Consulting
    Bloodstain pattern analysis and crime scene reconstruction services.

  • ChemIcon Inc. Forensic Science Services
    ChemIcon utilizes the most current analytical techniques to aid law enforcement, attorneys, investigators and companies in the characterization and comparison of trace evidence and other materials.

  • Crime Scene Investigation
    Excellent resource with articles on crime scene photography, evidence collection, and more.

  • Crime and Clues
    Excellent site dedicated to the science of criminal investigation. Directed toward the professional.

    Hosts the American Board and the California Association of Criminalistics. Gives information on meetings and graduate programs in forensic science.

  • Cult Solutions
    International organization with expertise in criminal, forensic, religious and clinical analysis in the area of cults, the occult, satanic activities and other related topics.

  • Fire Investigators Dictionary
    Alphabetized dictionary of terms commonly used in the investigation of fires and arson.

  • Forensic Artist
    Forensic artist shows samples of his work.

  • Forensic Audio by GaideCom, Inc.
    GaideCom, Inc. Strategic Communications offers a full range of forensic audio
    services, including audio restoration, audio enhancement, damaged media repair,
    signal analysis, speech enhancement and transcription/translation services.

  • Forensic Entomology
    The study of insects as related to criminal investigations is explored in this site from the University of Florida.

  • Forensic Entomology
    Forensic entomology is the use of insect knowledge in the investigation of crimes or even civil disputes. This is a comprehensive site on this specialty.

  • Forensic Firearms Identification
    An introduction to forensic firearms identification.

  • Forensic Imaging Systems
    IISI- Forensic Imaging-LatentPrints

  • Forensic Meteorology Associates
    FMA can assemble teams of leading experts in atmospheric sciences and air pollution to provide litigation support and expert witness services.

  • Forensic Products and Services, Inc.
    Presumtive drug and explosive residue test kits as well as many other police supplies.

  • Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry Links
    Numerous links to sites related to these fields.

  • Forensic Science Society UK
    A multidisciplinary society dedicated to the application of Science to the cause of Justice. United Kingdom.

  • Forensic and Psychological Assessment
    Ever-evolving source of information and reference about the practice of forensic and general psychological assessment.

  • Genetic Technologies, Inc.
    A full service forensic DNA laboratory, our expertise in criminal evidence examination and identification provides both prosecution and defense counsel with irrefutable genetic evidence during trial.

  • Go to Forensic Psychology
    Forensic psychology issues and articles, other areas of psychology also covered includes chat room, discussion forum and lots of related links on the web.

  • Goldberg Forensic Medicine
    Dr. Goldberg (MD, JD) is an expert in legal medicine and pathology.

  • Healthcare Professionals' Toolkit
    The Children's Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati Child Abuse Team provides tools for healthcare and law enforcement professionals.

    The FBI's Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) is being developed to sustain the FBI's mission to provide identification services to the nation's law enforcement community and to organizations where criminal background histories are a critical factor in consideration for employment.

  • ICSIA Intl Crime Scene Investigators
    International Crime Scene Investigators Association, created to assist law enforcement personnel who are involved in the processing of crime scenes.

  • North American Medical Jurisprudence
    A comprehensice Medical Legal Consultancy that does everything from finding to case analyses to forensic scientists to document retrieval to background investigations of expert witnesses.

  • Practical Shooting Scene Investigation
    A nuts and bolts guide to the on-scene investigation of shootings.

  • Science and Art of Fire Investigation
    Article on how fire investigation is as much an art as a science.

  • TETRA Inc., Forensic Animation
    Forensic crime scene reconstruction videos assist law enforcement and legal professionals.

  • TG Studios
    Production of forensic animations and multimedia presentations

  • VeriPic Digital Photo Authentication
    VeriPic is technology that can tell if a digital photo is authentic or not. It overcomes the #1 problem preventing widespread use of digital cameras in law enforcement work. Use of VeriPic will free up your agency to use digital cameras and realize the cost savings and superior conviction rates of digital photography. VeriPic also has advanced photo encryption technology to protect your photos in transit.

  • Victornia Institute of Forensic Medicine
    Principle functions are to provide forensic pathology and related scientific services, clinical forensic medicine services, teaching and research. Australia.

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