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Criminalistics: Labs


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  • Cellmark Diagnostics
    Recognized world leader in DNA Fingerprinting. One of the first laboratories in the world to offer DNA identity testing.

  • Forensic MicroAnalysis
    Laboratory conducting forensic examinations of trace evidence, soils, bulb filament analysis, fibers, human and animal hair, glass analysis and gunshot residue.

  • Forensic Science Associates
    Professional consulting firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Provides consulting services in the field of criminalistics and forensic serology.

  • Forensic Society of Northern Ireland
    Full service laboratory that also has expertise in terrorist crime investigation.

  • Genetic Technologies
    Paternity tests, DNA and forensic blood analysis, expert witness testimony. Missouri.

  • Michigan State Police Forensics Division
    State-of-the-art forensic laboratory services, including crime scene and 'post-blast' investigations, drug analysis, document examination, polygraph testing, latent print examination, AFIS, DNA analysis, toxicology analysis, blood/alcohol analysis, firearms and toolmark examination, arson evidence analysis, and serology and trace evidence analysis.

  • National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Lab
    World's first national and international wildlife forensics crime lab.

  • ReliaGene Technologies
    Full service genetic testing laboratory in New Orleans.

    Professional forensic trace analysis in the areas of explosives, plastics, solvents, fibers, etc. Case review is also available. Casework can be done at the submitting agencies site to mitigate chain of custody issues as well.

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