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Criminalistics: Organizations


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  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences
    Professional society dedicated to the application of science to the law.

  • American Board of Forensic Entomology
    The science of using insect evidence to uncover circumstances of interest to the law, often related to a crime. History and case studies.

  • Association Crime Scene Reconstruction
    Encourages the exchange of information and procedures useful in the reconstruction of crime scenes.

  • Bodyguard Services International
    A full spectrum security services provider, bodyguards, law enforcement training, kidnap and ransom insurance, investigations, surveillance, sting operations, asset recovery

  • Canadian Society of Forensic Science
    Non-profit professional organization incorporated to maintain professional standards, and to promote the study and enhance the stature of forensic science.

  • Expert Weapon Witness Sid Campbell
    Expert Weapon Witness Sid Campbell is available for court trials & cases pertaining to terrorist weapon ploys, airline security weapon concealment and illegal possession.

    He also specializes in mercenary tactics, impromptu weapon discovery, ambiguous weapon concealment, hidden weapon techniques, terrorist defensive measures, other pertinent weapon cases involving karate, kobudo weapons, throwing darts and spikes.

  • Forensic Science Society UK
    A multidisciplinary society dedicated to the application of Science to the cause of Justice. United Kingdom.

  • International Crime Scene Investigators
    International Crime Scene Investigators Association (ICSIA) was created to assist law enforcement personnel who are involved in the processing of crime scenes.

  • Interntl Assoc of Arson Investigators
    Official site of the International Assocation of Arson Investigators, IAAI. Includes information such as fire investigation standards.

  • Interntl Association for Identification
    Strives to be the primary professional association for those engaged in forensic identification, investigation, and scientific examination of physical evidence.

  • Loss Prevention and Security Association
    Official website of Loss Prevention and Security Association. International networking community of loss prevention and security professionals.

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