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Government Agencies: International


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Government Agencies
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  • International Courts
    Detailed description of procedures, history, statistics and authority of the int'l judicial organizations.

  • Interpol
    Interpol was created to allow police departments in different countries to work together to combat international crime.

  • Israel National Police
    The official site of the Israel Police

  • UN Crime and Justice Information Network
    Electronic clearing-house represents the culmination of several years of incremental efforts coordinated by the United Nations Centre for International Crime Prevention , Vienna.

  • UN Crime and Justice Research Institute
    The Institute was intended to carry out international comparative research in support to the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme.

  • World Justice Information Network
    An experiment on building a global network of knowledge about crime and justice. Internet-based system for sharing open source information on crime, justice and the rule of law among policy makers, executives, criminal justice and law enforcement officials, international organizations, researchers and other academics, students, civic activists, journalists and concerned citizens worldwide.
    In many languages.

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