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Homicide: Case Studies

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  • A Most Curious Murder - The Madeleine Sm
    Scottish 19th century murder case - background, testimony - full story of a bizarre orchestration of evidence discovered 140 years too late.

  • Almost Perfect
    One of Australia's most mysterious, macabre and unsolved family murder cases. The site outlines the case, the only book on the matter and contains images of the wanted man by a forensic artist. This was a terrible crime, with many parallells to the infamous US LIST family murder case. The Crawford murders occured nearly 30 years ago and to this day, remains unsolved.

  • Crimes Conundrum
    this is a crime page with a crime forum, going information on several cases not featured on other sites, as well as theories on some that are. Oregon cases listed.

  • E-clipse Network's Unsolved Case Files
    A collection of cases involving missing and unidentified persons, unsolved homicides, and case studies.

  • Justice for Martha Moxley
    Here the Moxley murder case is looked into, evidence, suspects and alibis

    Online magazine featuring original true crime and conspiracy stories.

  • Labyrinth13
    Original true crime stories

  • Leopold and Loeb Trial
    Case study of the trial of Leopold and Loeb, two teenaged men who killed a young boy in 1924.

    The Leopold and Loeb case of 1924.

  • Lord Lucan - The Lucan Review
    England's second most famous murder mystery. In 1974, Sandra Rivett was murdered in the fashionable district of Belgravia, London. The prime suspect, The Earl of Lucan, Richard John Bingham went missing and hasn't returned to this day.

  • Murder in Arkansas
    Family of murder victim James Dale Stevens gives details of the case and why they feel the justice system failed them.

  • Notorious BIG Biggie Smalls Murder
    Dedicated to the murder of Biggie Smalls, rap artist and music producer. Photos, discussion board, clips of his music.

  • She Looked Like Marilyn Monroe
    On August 20, 1974, a schoolteacher who lived at 118 Waverly Place in Greenwich Village, complained of a leak coming through the ceiling of her top floor apartment. There is nothing quite like New York in an August heat wave. It was 100 degrees. The horse flies had found the body first.

  • Solve A Crime

  • The Boy in the Box Mystery
    The boy in the box is one of Philadelphia's most baffling murders. It began in 1957 and continues to this day.

  • The Mysterious Death of Kurt Cobain
    Was Kurt's death a suicide or was it murder?

  • The Van Cuylenborg Cook Murder Case
    In depth investigation of the unsolved murders of Tanya Van Cuylenborg and Jay Roland Cook.

  • The boy in the box unsolved homicide
    This is the new address for the boy in the box mystery. This is an unsolved crime dating from 1957 Philadelphia crime files. Please help if you can.

  • Tupac Shakur Murder
    Dedicated to the murder of 2Pac Shakur, rap and movie star. Photos, music clips, discussion.

  • Unposted
    Investigation of the kidnapping and murder of Danielle Van Dam, the innocence of David Westerfield a man judged by media and sentenced to death without a single evidence he committed the crime.

  • Willie Mae Brister Murder Case
    She worked night and day at her small country grocery store located in the Skiffer Community of Simpson County. Her name was Willie Mae Brister. She was 73 years old and she was brutally murdered. Learn more about this unsolved case through documents and online video.

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