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Homicide: Serial Murder
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  • An Incomplete Guide to Gruesome Murderer
    Database of murderers, serial, mass or otherwise, names of their victims,their methods and other investigation information. Includes famous murderers and little known murderers, solved and (soon)unsolved homicide.

  • CharlieManson.Com
    This site contains unique information and photographs related to the Charles Manson crimes.

  • Cold Serial
    Feed your head some Cold Serial!! Cold, unsolved serial murder cases -- featuring the Green River Killer. Browse through the library, read up on the latest crime news, or search through the lost and found for missing and murdered women. And when your head is full, discuss your thougts in the Cold Serial Forum. Tastes so good you'll be coming back for more...

  • Crime Collection
    A collection of famous murder and serial murder cases including Lizzie Borden, Ted Bundy, Jack The Ripper, Boston Strangler, Ed Gein, Dennis Nilsen, Evelyn Dick, Bonnie & Clyde etc..

  • Criminal Profiling-Offender Profiling
    Research, news and articles on Profiling, Homicide, Forensics, Psychology, Victimology, Serial Killers and Sex Offenders. Bookstore, Interviews and Forums.

  • Darksider
    Images and words from the mind of Ted Bundy.

  • Death and Dementia Crime and Punishment
    The internet resource for crime, serial killers, forensics and more.

  • Edmund Kemper
    Brief description of the killer.

  • German Serialkiller Database, Serienkill
    German Serialkiller Database

  • Henry Lee Lucas The Deadly Drifter
    Profile from the Crime Library.

  • Jack the Ripper
    In the Autumn of 1888, a serial murderer stalked the women of London's East End, striking terror into the hearts of millions.

  • Jack the Ripper Internet Edition.
    A website that has an 28,000 word extext about the Jack the Ripper murders and Francis Thompson as a suspect. Inside you will find photos by the author of London and Whitechapel, handwriting comparisons, maps and other related essays.

  • Labyrinth13
    Original true crime stories

  • Mayhem
    Stats on serials killers categorized by number of murders committed, as well as pages on mass murderers and cults. Lots of Macromedia Flash, so you'll need to download it to view the site properly.

  • Notes on the Riverman
    Speculative essay on the nature of the Green River killer.

  • Paddon Forensic Consulting
    General info. about serial killers/murder,criminal profiling,psychopaths,and safety tips for women and children.On-line courses in serial murder and criminal profiling as well as criminal investigative analysis for law enforcement and families of violent crime are available.

  • Serial Homicide
    Official site for "Mind of a Killer," the multimedia investigation into the dark and terrifying world of serial homicide. They have a feature called, "Case of the Day," profiling one particular serial killer.

  • Serial Killer Information Site
    Their motto is "No sensationalism. No gore." Serious site with interesting information.

  • Serial Killers
    A collection of informative links and media resources on serial killers, gathered by the spouse of a serial killer task force agent.

  • Serial Killers A-Z
    Serial Killer Encyclopedia, In Depth case studies, news/discusion board

  • Serial Killers Characteristics - Manson
    The Story of Charles Manson and "Helter Skelter" trial information,testimony,pictures

  • Serial Killers Talk to Sondra London
    In their own words, case studies of serial killers; JFK assassination, vampires, killer art, death row.

  • Serial Murder Through History
    Writings on individual serial killers and history's record of how Western society has changed its understanding of the phenomenon of serial murder.

  • Serial-Homicide Discussion
    The Criminal Profiling/Serial Killer Info Site No Sensationalism, No Gore
    Although this site does not promote sensationalism or gore, the contents of it may not be suitable for some visitors

    'nough said?

  • Sexual Homicide Exchange, Inc.
    A nonprofit, investigative criminal profiling organization in Washington, DC, designed to assist law enforcement and the community in the solving of open serial sexual homicide cases.

  • Ted Bundy
    Profile of serial killer Theodore "Ted" Bundy, from The Crime Library.

  • Terror Dungeon

  • The Crime Web- The Serial Killer Website
    Bios of serial killers from all over the world with pictures.

  • The Criminal Mind
    A growing, extensive collection of serial killer case studies, along with sections dealing with criminal psychology and the deviant criminal mind.

  • The Girls in the Garden
    Like lemmings, they come to the Jersey Shore in summer, the long-haired girls of the Mid-Atlantic. Many of them came to Asbury Park in the early '80s and some of them were dead when they left. Richard Biegenwald sometimes took his young wife along to the boardwalk trolling for victims.

  • The Harps, Big and Little
    The story of America's first known serial killers. Big Harp confessed before dying in 1798 to 20 murders, probably not counting the babies. Estimates are as high as 40, but usually around 30.

  • The Sixties, Manson and Helter Skelter
    The definitive Cyber-Archive of the 1969 Manson Family murders. This site is intended to help keep the murderers behind bars.

  • The Telling of a Tale
    An examination of motive in the 1990 slayings of five students in Gainesville, FL.

  • The Z Files
    Introduction to the unsolved Zodiac murders (with supplemental essays and links)

  • Through the Looking Glass
    It is our belief that, before any real progress can be made, an honest analysis of serial murder must be presented.

  • Tracy's Serial Killer Information Page
    Info. on Serial killers, good links, search engines, forensic psychology, criminal profiling.

  • True Crimes Serial Killers
    Serial Killers, case studies, research, information and news.

  • Zodiac Killer
    Site deals with the unsolved serial murders of the Zodiac Killer in California.

    Comprehensive encyclopedia of serial killers & classical crime cases from A like ABEL to Z like ZODIAC. With news on serial killers updated whenever available.

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