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Identification & Tracking: Fingerprints
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Identification and Tracking
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  • BRI Automated Fingerprint Identification
    CMC's FACTS (Fingerprint Analysis and Criminal Tracing System) is an advanced implementation of AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System), incorporating evolved techniques of Image Processing on contemporary, general purpose hardware platforms running open, non-proprietary operating systems.

  • Biometric Identification
    Advanced fingerprint verification devices.

  • Fight the Fingerprint
    Group that opposes all government sanctioned biometrics and social security number identification schemes.

  • Fingerprint USA
    FingerPrint USA provides expert unbiased consulting and technical services in current fingerprint and other biometric technologies, products and systems; in traditional law enforcement applications and new applications including welfare and driver's licensing; in the process of specifying, acquiring and implementing complex automated systems for positive identification.

  • Fingerprints
    A site that will tell you all about the science of fingerprinting.

  • Sagem Morpho Fingerprint ID
    MORPHO AFIS is an automated fingerprint identification product developed and marketed by SAGEM SA, a European high-technology company.