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Identification & Tracking: Fingerprints
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Identification and Tracking
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  • C-VIS Computer Vision and Automation
    FaceSnap recorder: digital recording and face recognition. Automated real time image analysis for surveillance and observation.

  • Forensic Spectral Scanner
    New generation of nondestructive tools for authenticity determination of different types of documents and handwritings. Full digital imaging spectrometer of high resolution with 3D software.

  • GPS Tracking and Monitoring Systems
    iSECUREtrac builds and supports advanced tracking systems for monitoring and locating people, vehicles and assets.

  • MITEC Special Products
    Distributor of ITT Night Vision, security-, surveillance- and monitoringsystems and crime forensic technologies

  • Radar Fundamentals
    Radar (radio detecting and ranging) is a device for detecting and tracking the motion of an object from its reflected electromagnetic signature.

  • Synthetic Aperture Radar Algorithm
    SAR technology for detecting, tracking, and identifying high-value targets moving on the ground.

Suggested Reading: "Biometrics, Personal Identification in Networked Society"

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