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Identification and Tracking
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  • AudioLex Forensic
    Analysis of tape recorded evidence for purposes of spekaer identification, transcription, tape enhancement, tape authentication. Presentation of expert evidence in court.

  • Biometrics Digest
    Digest on current status of biometrics. Includes list of vendors.

  • Case Breakers
    Access criminal records, outstanding warrants, and prison records. Searches require a fee.

  • Civil and Forensic Fingerprint ID
    East Shore's consulting services cover primarily the criminal justice/forensic and the scanned finger civil identification system environments.

  • Fingerprint Consulting Service
    Certified and court-qualified fingerprint specialist Greg Moore.

  • Forensic Audio by GaideCom, Inc.
    GaideCom, Inc. Strategic Communications offers a full range of forensic audio
    services, including audio restoration, audio enhancement, damaged media repair,
    signal analysis, speech enhancement and transcription/translation services.

  • Gene Tree DNA Testing
    GeneTree is committed to providing highly service-oriented DNA analysis and counseling for researching biological relationships, both distant and close. GeneTree strives to bridge genetic discoveries performed at the laboratory bench with consumers by continually developing new applications and offering excellence in service and support.

  • Investigative Resources
    Unlisted phone number search, Social Security search, vehicle tag search, website url search, physical address to a P.O. Box search, disconnected telephone search, nationwide warrant search, license plate search, asset search, professional license search, listed phone search.

  • NICS
    FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

  • Public Data Center
    Directory of online free to access public records databases. (Government and Commercial) Easy to navigate to locate the information you are looking for.

  • Shoemark Identification System
    The 'TreadMark' system of analysis and footwear identification

Suggested Reading: "Biometrics, Personal Identification in Networked Society"

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