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  • APB News
    All crime, all the time. Comprehensive news site with in-depth coverage of current headline crimes and past unsolved cases still in the news. Also covers crimes against animals.

  • - Even Celebrities
    Everybody loves a bit of celebrity gossip every now and then, especially if it involves the star in question in trouble with the law. is the only place you need to go to keep tabs on which of your favourite stars is getting into trouble.

  • Conspiracy Planet
    True reports of criminal-corporate-government conspiracies

  • Crime Beat Magazine
    All crime. All the time.

  • Crime Information News Entertainment is the premier Crime information and
    entertainment site. Jail Cam! Crime News, Amazing Video, Chases, Background Checks, Police and Prison Locators,
    Crime videos, Crime Store, State Department Travel Warnings, Most Wanted, Sex Offenders.

  • Crime Library
    Classic crimes, outlaws, killers, terrorists, and spies. Read all about them at the Crime Library.

  • Crime Lynx
    Updated several times daily as relevant crime news breaks. Site also contains criminal law news, research, investigation, forensic, expert witness politics and crime policy links for the criminal defense bar, journalists covering crime based news and politics and the public. It is the only site not coming from the law enforcement viewpoint.

  • Crime Magazine
    Crime Magazine is about crime, from prisons and parole to serial killers and assassinations, books and movies to unsolved murders and fugitives, from gangsters to cops.

  • CrimeBlog - All Crime All The Time...
    Headline links from a variety of news sources to crime and punishment news from around the world.

  • CrimeNews 2000 - true crime news stories
    True crime news stories from around the world updated daily with searchable archives.

  • CriminalWatch
    daily news, the most complete sex offender listing on the web, extensive agency listings, current discussion forums

  • Cybersleuths
    Crime news site with features on various murders.

  • Guard Room
    Law enforcement news and views. Police news, articles, discussions, free e-mail.

  • Law And Disorder
    A weekly summary of weird and offbeat crime stories culled from police files and court records.

  • Lisson Criminal Justice Site
    Crime Stories from Wilmington, NC author Kathleen Lisson. Published stories include rape, murder, terrorism, pickpocketing.

  • New York Daily News Crime Coverage
    Daily news reports on crimes in New York.

    Latest news from the World of Corrections.

  • Smoking Gun
    Opinions on crimes in the news, particularly the most notorious crimes. Contests and quizzes.

  • South African Crime File
    Rob Marsh is a full-time writer and the author of over 20 books - including Famous South African Crimes and Unsolved Mysteries of Southern Africa plus numerous magazine and newspaper articles. He has worked in co-operation with the South African Police Service on a number of occasions.

  • The Back Up
    Cop news not crime news.

  • Trial News
    New interactive site lets you read about various cases, review related articles and leave a comment.

  • Victims of Crime in South Africa
    True stories of the victims of terrible crimes in South Africa: their case histories and some photographs.

  • Washington Post Metro Crime Reports
    Daily news reports on crimes in Washington, DC.

  • ZDNET CyberCrime
    Regularly updated news page on current CyberCrimes, plus tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

In the News
   Crime Coverage (24)

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