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Industrial Espionage: Security Firms


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Industrial Espionage
   Informational (4)
   Security Firms (11)
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  • Briefing Room
    International directory of private investigators and protective services listed by location and specialty. Extensive free resource center offering a variety of investigative tools.

  • Bug Sweep TSCM
    Granite Island Group specializes in technical surveillance countermeasures.
    Expert technical, analytical and research capability for the detection, nullification, and isolation of eavesdropping devices, technical surveillance penetrations, technical surveillance hazards, and physical security weaknesses.

  • CEMSA Defence and Counterespionage
    CEMSA (Complementos de Exportación Multifuncionales, S.A.) is a Spanish company that produces electronic material for Defence and Counterespionage, composed by Engineers in Telecommunications and Electronics.

  • Chameleon Group
    The Chameleon Group management consists of security consultants and investigation experts with extensive experience in security and intelligence fields. The Chameleon Group has participated in establishing security systems for airlines, industrial plants, commercial and residential properties, as well as diverse activities in intelligence and investigations.

  • ComputerLand Security
    You're afraid of the internet and computer security nowadays? You just met safety with us !

  • I-Spyinternational
    I-Spyinternational provides high tech security, law enforcement, surveillance and counter surveillance equipment world wide.

  • Index Investigation and Security Service
    Counter Espionage Consultants, Private investigators, Security Guards

  • Murray Associates - Counterespionage
    Counterespionage firm that specializes in electronic eavesdropping detection.

  • TroubleShooters International
    Personnel selectively recruited from various law enforcement, military, intelligence or security agencies around the world and each is an expert in their field. Some of the services available include Corporate Intelligence/Counter Intelligence, International Asset Recovery.

  • detectives metropol
    contramedidas, proteccion de la informacion

  • executive protection services
    british based private security company providing security services to executives,corporations and private individuals on a global basis if required.

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