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Legal: Civil Law

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  • California Courts
    Official site of the Judicial Branch of California.

  • Courtlink
    Real-time online access to state, local, and federal court records.

    Directory of courts online by state. United States courts.

  • I-Courthouse
    A virtual courthouse on the net. The cases are real, the jurors are real, and the verdicts are real.

  • National Center for State Courts
    Independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement of justice. It was founded in 1971 at the urging of Chief Justice Warren E. Burger. NCSC accomplishes its mission by providing leadership and service to the state courts.

  • Southern California Bankruptcy Court
    United States Bankruptcy Court for San Diego and Inland Counties. For the latest information, check the bulletin board or stop by the front counter to file new bankruptcy cases or pleadings. It is all here, just as if you were at the the Jacob Weinberger U.S. Courthouse.

  • Teen Court
    The program was established to give youth offenders a chance to clear their arrest from their permanent record by performing community service and other duties ordered by the court. Teen Court is not a trial court; all teens admit their guilt and agree to accept a sentence given to them by a jury of their peers. A judge is present to oversee the proceedings of the court. Knox County, Illinois.

  • US Court of Appeals for Armed Forces
    Created as part of Uniform Code of Military Justice to insure a military judicial system which balanced the need to maintain discipline in the armed forces and the desire to give to service members accused of crime rights paralleling as nearly as possible the rights enjoyed by accused persons in the civilian community.

  • United States Supreme Court
    The online guide to the highest of courts.

  • Wisconsin Court System
    users can learn about the workings of Wisconsin courts and access certain documents released by the courts.

  • Witness Guide for Deposition or Court
    Witnesses' Guide is an inexpensive, sensible way to avoid the most common major
    mistakes witnesses make when they give testimony in the U.S. or Canada. A copy of
    Witnesses' Guide should be given to each person headed for the witness stand.

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