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  • Al Martin Raw
    Whistleblower Al Martin, editor of the infamous CageRattler's Gazette, presents a new electronic book called "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider." Also Weekly Document Specials (choice docs & photos for sale. One-stop online shopping for govt docs and photos re: Iran-Contra, Iraqgate, BCCI, BNL and other govt scandals.

  • Ann Rule Home Page
    True Crime author Ann Rule's official home page.

  • Baby Face Nelson Journal
    Large site that focuses on the life and career of George "Baby Face" Nelson (Lester Joseph Gillis), who robbed banks with John Dillinger and others during the Great Depression. The site does glorify him or make excuses. It's simply a piece of American history with numerous links to similar sites.

  • BloodPage Books
    Used, rare, and out-of-print true crime books.

  • Books - TRUE CRIME
    True Crime books from the UK's premier true crime publisher.

  • Cosnpiracy Digest
    Real news that connects the dots between criminal corporate and government networks...

  • Cosnpiracy Planet
    True reports of corporate- government-criminal conspiracies and other politically incorrect topics

  • Crime Files Books on Crime
    Books on True Crime, Criminals, Criminal Investigation and Cybercrime

  • Crime-and-Criminals
    The purpose of this list is to talk about crimes, criminals, and punishment.The lastest news is posted to this list everyday. This is an open list and all members are welcome to bring up any topic of crime they wish, from domestic abuse, murder, serial murder, and so on... We also discuss Many true crime books.

  • Gregg Olsen True Crime Writer
    Investigative author Gregg Olsen has been a journalist for more than twenty years. His six nonfiction books have been noted for their comprehensive research and the authorís ability to create a detailed narrative that offers readers fascinating insights into the lives of people caught in extraordinary circumstances.

  • JF Grass True Crime Files
    True crime stories from author John F. Grass.

  • Jack Olsen Home Page
    True crime author Jack Olsen's official site.

  • Jack the Ripper
    An online free to read book on the Jack the Ripper murders and Francis Thompson as a suspect.

  • John Dillinger Scrapbook
    John Dillinger and his numerous gang members terrorized the midwest from 1933 until his death on July 22, 1934.

  • Labyrinth 13
    An online magazine with an emphasis on true crime, conspiracy and the occult.

  • Madam Murder
    A weekly online column of true crime stories mostly of New York and New Jersey.

  • Shots Fired
    True crime, non-fiction book of police war stories written by a former street cop.

  • Sondra London True Crime Page
    This true crime author's page was banned from AOL. Site subtitled, "In the Own Words" because it includes pieces written by serial killers.

  • Steamshovel Press
    True stories of criminal conspiracy -- government whistleblowers,spooks and fall guys, CIA drugrunning, mind control and other topics the Monopoly Media Cartel ignores.

  • The Forgotten Harry Pierpont
    Member of the John Dillinger gang, leader of the 1933 Indiana prison escape.

    A little more than 10 years ago, the tranquil Village of Ontonagon in Michigan's Upper Peninsula was stunned by the tragic death of a young mother in what appeared to be a hunting accident near the end of deer season. A few months later came the even more shocking revelation had not been an accident at all. A bizarre letter found packed in a box of sweaters triggered a most intriguing investigation and led to an intense showdown in a smalltown courtroom.

  • TruCrime
    Investigative reporter recounts murders in and about Minneapolis. Lurid front page. Spare, powerful writing. Highly recommended!

  • True Crime Author
    Investigative Journalist and Author M. William Phelps's True Crime Web site. Read about his latest book on Massachusetts' most notorious serial killer, Kristen Gilbert, and his forthcoming book about Beth Ann Carpenter.

  • True Crime Group
    Online reading group for the true crime genre with many guest authors. Several pages include new releases, recommendations, 2001 Conference and much more!

  • Truman Capote in Black and White
    Elegant tribute to the father of true crime.

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