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Safety and Prevention
   Children (8)
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  • American Crime Prevention
    At American Crime Prevention, our goal is to provide you with useful information, services and products to help protect your home, family and business, as well as creating a safer environment.

  • Apex Security Training Services UK
    Providing Accredited Security Training Courses to English speaking contries worldwide.

  • Crimes of Persuasion Schemes and Scams
    How con artists will steal your savings and inheritance through telemarketing fraud, investment schemes and consumer scams. Stock scams and internet scams.

  • Divorce and Child Custody Resources
    State by State help for people involved in child custody disputes. Don't get stupid - get informed.

  • Intl Centre for Prevention of Crime
    The International Centre for the Prevention of Crime (ICPC) was created for the purpose of assisting cities and countries to reduce delinquency, violence and insecurity. In order to contribute to the resolution of local crime and insecurity problems, ICPC encourages the use of best practices in crime prevention gleaned from Europe, North America, and other regions of the world.

  • Israel Bodyguards
    Worldwide provider of security guard services with a wide range of solutions, from professional bodyguard services to security consulting and training.

  • JustNet
    Justice Technology Information Network (JUSTNET) was created in 1995 at the NLECTC National Center in Rockville, MD, and serves as a gateway to the products and services of the NLECTC System as well as other technology information and services of interest to the law enforcement and corrections communities.

  • National Fraud Information Center
    Web site not only enables consumers to get answers to their questions and report possible fraud, but it is a valuable educational tool. Check out the News & Views section, the Internet Fraud Watch section, the telemarketing tips, the special elder fraud information, and other features.

  • Tridaya Inner Power
    The unique inner power for self defense and protection your property by a distance

  • Workplace Theft.
    CIC are the market leaders in reducing workplace theft. Covert investigations conducted Australia wide.


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