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Unsolved Crimes: Cold Cases

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Unsolved Crimes
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  • 1976-77 Oakland County Child Slayings
    The unsolved MURDER of four children.Abducted-held 4-19 days,bathed,fed and killed.

  • America's Unknown Child
    Site dedicated to finding out the identity of "The Boy in the Box." The "Boy in the Box" case attracted both local and national media attention when the story broke in February, 1957, and police initially assumed that the identity of the unknown boy would be determined very quickly.

  • California Unsolved Murders
    Featured cases from the California Attorney General's office.

  • Center for Human Identification
    The purpose of this center is to aid in the identification of recovered unknown individuals within the state of Ohio using the latest available imaging and computer technology.

  • Cold Case Center
    The National Center for Cold Cases. Everything related to unsolved crimes, missing persons, fugitives, terrorism and rewards.

  • Cold Case Investigations, LLC
    Private investigative agency specializing in "Cold" homicide cases. Surviving victims can profile their cases for a nominal fee.

  • Cold Case's revisited
    We can assist you with the re-examination of new and old/cold cases. We offer fingerprint, crime scene, bloodspatter, pathological and investigative assistance.

  • Cold Serial
    Feed your head some Cold Serial!! Cold, unsolved serial murder cases -- featuring the Green River Killer. Browse through the library, read up on the latest crime news, or search through the lost and found for missing and murdered women. And when your head is full, discuss your thougts in the Cold Serial Forum. Tastes so good you'll be coming back for more...

  • E-clipse Network's Unsolved Case Files
    A collection of cases involving missing and unidentified persons, unsolved homicides, and case studies.

  • Fallen Wall
    In memory of the lost loved ones of unsolved homicides and missing persons.

  • Gold Star Club-Manatee Co. Fla.
    The Gold Star Club of Manatee County Inc. (Florida) is an organization created to post rewards for unsolved murders and for those cases involving serious harm to children.

  • Greenwichs OTHER Unsolved Murder.
    Matthew Margolies was 13 years old when he was murdered in 1984 in Greenwich CT. This case remains unsolved.

  • Help Christopher
    Difficult or troublesome cases can be swept under the carpet, denied or completely ignored. The story of Christopher O’Connor is one of these cases.

  • Illinois State Police Unsolved Cases
    Unsolved murders and missing persons.

  • Jean Spangler
    The unsolved October 7, 1949 disappearance of Hollywood showgirl, Jean Spangler.

  • Justice for Jennifer
    Jennifer Olson Servo had graduated from University of Montana in May 2002 with a degree in journalism. Less than 3 months after starting her new position as tv reporter in Abilen TX, she was found dead in her apartment, a victim of homicide caused by head trauma and strangulation. Over a year later, no charges have been filed.

  • Kathryn-Mary Herbert
    The unsolved homicide of Kathryn-Mary Herbert (1975)

  • Martha Moxley Unsolved Murder
    Unsolved 1975 murder of 15 year old Martha Moxley in Greenwich, Connecticut.

  • Metro-Dade Police Unsolved Homicides
    Homicide Bureau of the Metro-Dade Police Department list their unsolved cases.

  • is a service which provides an international medium for the publication of rewards offered for public assistance in cases of unsolved crimes, lost or stolen property, and
    missing persons.

  • The Doe Network
    Volunteer organization for cold cases consisting of missing persons and unidentified victims in North America and Australia.

  • The Missing Persons' Cold Case Network
    Volunteer organization devoted to US missing persons' cold cases (from 1991 - prior).

  • Toronto Police Cold Case Squad
    Unsolved cases in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  • Unsolved Crimes
    Dedicated to finding the killers of these silent victims. Their motto is, "Don't let the victim die twice, once in the field and once in the file."

  • Unsolved Homicide
    Brutally murdered in the fall of 1975..Unsolved Murder of Kathryn-Mary Herbert 11 yrs old.....police need your help

  • Unsolved Murder of Tanya and Jay
    Who brutally murdered Tanya Van Cuylenborg and Jay Roland Cook?

  • Unsolved Murder of Troy Moross 2-24-01
    I made this page to re-publicize the unsolved murder of Troy Moross and with hopes of solving this crime and bringing Troy's killer to justice. 2/24/01, Troy / Madison Heights, Michigan. We need your help!

  • Unsolved Murders
    A website for the victims of unsolved murders in Canada who are seeking tips and leads to attain closure and justice.

  • Unsolved Mystery, Unknown Jane Doe
    Unsolved murder

  • Vidocq
    The Vidocq Society honor Eugène François Vidocq, the brilliant 18th century French detective who founded the Sûreté, by applying their collective forensic skills and experience to "cold" cases, particularly murders.

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