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Victim's Rights: Organizations
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Victims Rights
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  • Atlanta Trauma Survivors Page
    Designed to allow trauma survivors in the Greater Metro Atlanta area to become aware of the Atlanta Trauma Survivors Group (who sponsors this web site) and also of the other related local area resources that are available to them in their healing process.

  • Bereaved Survivors of Homicide
    Central Florida support group that helps those who have lost a family member or friend to homicide. Information can assist any homicide survivor or law enforcement officer or agency.

  • Call to End Domestic Terrorism
    Written in response to murders of doctors who provide abortions.

  • Capital Area Crisis Response Team
    Volunteer crisis intervenors, educators, victim assistance specialists, and allied professionals, who volunteer their time and talents to assist individuals and communities in the District of Columbia metropolitan area.

  • Crime News 2000
    Advocates for victims of crime. Reports updates on murder cases that remain open and unsolved.

  • Crime Survivor Guide
    CRIME SURVIVOR GUIDE - STOP Parole, Probation, Release of ANY U.S. INMATE! ONLY WWW. SITE WITH ALL 50 States'Parole Boards, Inmate Searches, FEDERAL Inmate/Parole Info, EXPERT guidelines

  • CriminalWatch
    The most extensive and current sex offender registry listings on the Internet.

  • Fight Crime
    A national anti-crime organization led by police chiefs, prosecutors, and crime survivors.

  • HODAC Victim Resource Center
    HODAC's Victim Resource Center's mission is to provide a "Continuum of Services" to both the victims and to their families in Houston Country, Georgia.

  • International Victimology Website
    Mission is to facilitate implementation of the United Nations Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power by disseminating information about current victimology research and about what works, what doesn't, what's promising in victim services, prevention of crime and abuse of power, and by encouraging international exchange of expertise and experience.

  • Jon Benet Ramsey
    Daily updates to the murder investigation from Mrs. Brady.

  • Medical Malpractice Victims Organization
    Medical Malpractice Victims Organization - Poland, Strona Stowarzyszenia Pacjentów "Primum Non Nocere"

  • National Center for Victims of Crime
    Comprehensive site that brings together local and national resources for crime victims.

  • New Mexico Survivors of Homicide, Inc.
    Providing support and information to homicide survivors. Includes memorials, unsolved cases and discussion forums.

  • Nicole Parker Foundation
    The Nicole Parker Foundation was established in memory of 8-year-old Nicole Parker and helps raise money for several valuable non-profit organizations including Parents Of Murdered Children and the CARES Team of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

  • Office for Victims of Crimes
    Official organization of the US Department of Justice, advocating for the fair treatment of crime victims.

  • Oklahoma City Bombing
    Various documents related to the bombing.

  • Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc.
    POMC is an organization for the families and friends of those who have died by violence.

  • Polish Patients Association, Stowarzysze
    Medical Malpractice Victims Organization - Poland, Strona Stowarzyszenia Pacjentów "Primum Non Nocere"

  • Resources for Victims of Violent Crime
    victims hotlines crisis centers info network internet safety victims assistance

  • Restitution Incorporated
    Offenders find healing by making restitution; crime victims find through forgiveness.

  • SOC-UM
    A non-profit organization dedicated to prevention, awareness, and education of child abuse.

  • Survivors of Homicide
    This page is for anyone who has lost a loved one due to violence. Nationwide resources, webring, and forum.

  • Victim Offender Mediation Association
    Victim offender mediation and reconciliation programs involve a face-to-face meeting, in the presence of a trained mediator, between an individual who has been victimized by a crime and the perpetrator of that crime.

  • Victim Resources
    Victim resources at The Zero. Listings of and links to articles, agencies, organizations and websites to find support and information for victims of violent crime.

  • William Jenkins Memorial Website
    Dedicated to 16-year-old victim of homicide. Home of WBJ Press, which publishes a book on how to deal with the loss of a loved one to violence.

  • World Society of Victimology
    The purposes of the WSV are to promote research on victims and victim assistance; advocacy of their interests throughout the world; to encourage interdisciplinary and comparative research in victimology; to advance the cooperation of international, regional, and local agencies, groups, and individuals concerned with the problems of victims.

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