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Victim's Rights: Police Brutality
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Victims Rights
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  • CopCrimes
    The primary focus of CopCrimes is towards a small portion of the law enforcement community - those who choose to disregard the laws they are charged with enforcing. This page is in no way meant to disrespect the hard-working, law abiding police officers who faithfully serve their community and do, everyday, the crucial public safety tasks essential to our daily lives.

  • Justice
    Organisation to join people together that have suffered injustices by the law and their stories.

  • Police Complaint Center
    A national non-profit organization that provides assistance to victims of police misconduct.

  • Racial Profiling in America
    That is why the ACLU has undertaken a major initiative to put an end to discriminatory police stops, including the launch of our Arrest the Racism campaign. This special web-based campaign is designed to educate the public and enlist citizens in the fight to end racial profiling in America.

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