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    If you offer support for Law Enforcement and/or Investigative Personnel, or are a member of any Law Enforcement Agency or Security/Investigative Agency, and offer crime prevention methods, crime prevention techniques and/or crime prevention services for the prevention of crime.

  • Crime Spider Discussion Forum
    Crime Spider's forum for discussing crime in the news or any crime-related topic. Come start a thread or join one!

  • Crime-and-Criminals
    The purpose of this list is to talk about crimes, criminals, and punishment.The lastest news is posted to this list everyday. This is an open list and all members are welcome to bring up any topic of crime they wish, from domestic abuse, murder, serial murder, and so on.

  • Cult Solutions Awareness Forum
    Criminal, religious, forensic, and clinical analysis of cults, the occult, satanic activities and related terrorism.

  • Drugg.Net Message Board
    A dedicated message board for law enforcement and related topics. All are welcome to post comments or viewpoints.

  • STOP Sex Offenders Discussion Forums
    Discuss child and family safety - questions, comments and suggestions welcomed.

  • SmartLP - Retail Loss Prevention Board
    SmartLP is a comprehensive source for Retail Loss Prevention Professionals. Features a discussion board, and includes information on CCTV, job listings, industry news, internal theft, and shoplifting.

  • Terrorism Research Center Forum
    Discussion group on terrorism and related topics.

  • Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community
    A forum dedicated to unsolved murders, current trials, Terrorism against America, and the JonBenet Ramsey case.

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