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  • 1811
    List designed to allow former federal agents, their foreign equivalents (such as RCMP)and associated support personnel (handwriting experts, forensic technicians, ballistic experts, Technical Surveillance Experts, etc.)who are currently employed in private practice related to investigation, security, claims adjusting and so forth to network with one another.

  • Crime
    Discuss true crime stories/events in the news and books.

  • Forensic Psychology
    This list is for discussion of issues related to the field of Forensic Psychology.

  • Forensics
    The purpose of this list is to distribute information to forensic entomologists and students of forensic entomology quickly.

  • LegalMed
    The intent of the list is for members of the medical and legal professions to share information concerning forensic issues related to the medical aspects of a legal action.

  • Mezz Alerts
    Mezz Alerts has two one-way mailing lists worth subscribing to. CyberCrimes alerts you to viruses, hackers and other current computer-related crimes. Cops and Law Enforcement Alerts keep you up to date on related issues.

  • This Day in True Crime History
    Daily mailing that tells you what true crimes happened on that particular day.

  • True Crimes
    This list is for intelligent discussion, sharing relevant
    information, a serious look at unsolved crimes, law enforcement
    procedures, forensic medicine, trials, sentencing, the judicial,
    penal systems, crime and criminal update information.

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