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Weird: Conspiracy!

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  • Confession to Conspiracy
    Oswald's pal, Kerry Thornley, tells how he conspired to assassinate JFK.

  • Conspiracy Digest
    Real News That Connects the Dots Between Criminal Corporate & Government Networks...

  • Conspiracy Planet
    The Alternative News & History Network...

  • Disinformation
    Conspiracies, disinformation, weird beliefs, and other oddities. Very nicely designed site with lots of weirdness.

  • JFK
    Numerous researchs on the John F. Kennedy assassination and the New Orleans conspiracy probe of DA Jim Garrison. Includes a database of eyewitness statements, the Clay Shaw trial transcript and much more.

  • JFK Assassination Page
    Comprehensive guide to the various conspiracy theories and evidence related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy Jr.

  • Labyrinth 13
    An online magazine with an emphasis on true crime, conspiracy and the occult.

  • Labyrinth13
    Original true crime and conspiracy stories

  • NewsWorldOrder
    Hundreds of alternative news links.Guide brings together different theories and evidence supporting the New World Order conspiracy theory.

  • Steam Shovel Press
    True stories of criminal conspiracy -- government whistleblowers,spooks and fall guys, CIA drugrunning, mind control and other topics the Monopoly Media Cartel ignores.

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