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Guns & Gun Control


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  • ATF Firearms Programs
    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms information on various firearms programs and laws.

  • Gun Control and Justice in Canada
    Information on gun control in Canada and arguments against such policies.

  • Gun Locks Online
    Gun locks and trigger locks. Security devices for all kinds of firearms.

  • GunCite Gun Control and 2nd Amendment
    Comprehensive site on second amendment issues and statistics on gun ownership.

  • Handgun Control
    Center to Prevent Handgun Violence. Information on the issue of gun control, including legislation, alerts, and current litigation.

  • National Rifle Association
    Official site of the NRA.

  • Oxford Microdevices
    Company that works with fingerprint technology to make safer guns. Trigger locks and microchips also.

  • Safer Guns Now
    Summary of technologies for childproof handguns, smart guns, safer guns, personalized guns and high-tech trigger locks.

    Technology watchdog organization that promotes the development and use of practical childproof handguns and smart guns.

  • Triggerlock
    Gun locks and trigger locks. Master locks and Global locks.

  • Violence Policy Center
    VPC is a national educational organization that works to reduce gun death and injury in America by approaching firearms violence as a public health issue and illustrating the need to hold firearms to the same health and safety standards we hold all other consumer products.

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