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1. A Most Curious Murder The Madeleine Smith Story
Scottish 19th century murder case - background, testimony - full story of a bizarre orchestration of evidence discovered 140 years too late.
[ Related Info: Added: 2004-03-14, Hits: 6785, Rating: 6.33, Votes: 3, Rate it ]
2. Martha Moxley
Information on the long-time unsolved case that recently came to a conclusion.
[ Related Info: Added: 2004-03-14, Hits: 5749, Rating: 7.50, Votes: 2, Rate it ]
3. Labyrinth 13
True tales of the occult, crime, and conspiracy.
[ Related Info: Added: 2004-03-14, Hits: 4604, Rating: 10.00, Votes: 3, Rate it ]
4. Leopold and Loeb
Case study of the trial of Leopold and Loeb, two teenaged men who killed a young boy in 1924
[ Related Info: Added: 2004-03-14, Hits: 4026, Rating: 9.00, Votes: 1, Rate it ]
5. Lucan Review
Rivett was murdered in the fashionable district of Belgravia, London. The prime suspect, The Earl of Lucan, Richard John Bingham went missing and hasn't returned to this day.
[ Related Info: Added: 2004-03-14, Hits: 2843, Rating: 5.00, Votes: 2, Rate it ]
6. Murder in Arkansas
Family of murder victim James Dale Stevens gives details of the case and why they feel the justice system failed them.
[ Related Info: Added: 2004-03-14, Hits: 4983, Rating: 0.00, Votes: 0, Rate it ]
7. Simpson Murders Analyzed
A retired engineer looks at the evidence. Very detailed personal study of the evidence.
[ Related Info: Added: 2004-03-14, Hits: 4890, Rating: 9.00, Votes: 1, Rate it ]
8. Lizzie Borden Virtual Library
Wide variety of information on the Lizzie Borden case.
[ Related Info: Added: 2004-03-17, Hits: 3365, Rating: 0.00, Votes: 0, Rate it ]
9. Crime Scene Photos Lizzie Bordon
The photos include official crime scene photos and those that were touched up, enlarged, or otherwise enhanced electronically to improve clarity.
[ Related Info: Added: 2004-03-19, Hits: 19879, Rating: 4.25, Votes: 4, Rate it ]
10. The Wonderland Murders
Twelve years after the nearby Manson murders, 8763 Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon was the site of a drug-related multiple-murder (a few websites misstate the address as 8764). Four people were beaten to death with a steel pipe on July 1, 1981.The major suspect in the case was Eddie Nash (also known as Adel Gharib Nasrallah, born circa 1929) but the best known suspect was John Holmes.
[ Related Info: Added: 2004-03-20, Hits: 16585, Rating: 9.75, Votes: 4, Rate it ]
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