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1. Free the West Memphis Three
Three local teenagers, Jessie Misskelley, Jason Baldwin, and Damien Echols, convicted of sacrificing three 8-year-old boys as part of a Satanic ritual. Many people see evidence pointing at other suspects and believe the boys were railroaded because of political pressure in the case.
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2. Innocence Project
Over the last few years the Innocence Project has helped to obtain the release of more than eight innocent prisoners with new DNA tests and evidence which excluded them as participants in the crimes for which they had been convicted.
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3. Jeffrey MacDonald
Jeffrey MacDonald's Defense Team explains why they believe he was wrongly convicted of the murders of his family members. MacDonald claims intruders killed them.
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4. Robinhood Murders
Another site discussing evidence about the three teenagers convicted of murder known as the West Memphis Three. Evidence, essays, and other information on the crimes.
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5. Justice for Daniel Faulkner
Evidence in the Mumia Abu-Jamal case disputes his supporters claims that he did not kill police officer Daniel Faulkner.
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6. Exonerations in the United States 1989-2004
We discuss all exonerations that we have been able to locate that occurred in that fifteen-year period, and that resulted from investigations into the particular cases of the exonerated individuals. Overall, we found 328 exonerations, 316 men and 12 women;2 145 of them were cleared by DNA evidence, 183 by other means. With a handful of exceptions, they had been in prison for years.
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