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1. Detective Agency Stern
Private investigators in Germany.
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2. All-American Investigations
Specializes in workers compensation investigations and intelligence services. We provide complete services in all areas of investigations and surveillance to law firms, individuals, insurance companies, corporations and municipalities.
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3. DeFatta & Associates Investigative Services
DeFATTA & ASSOCIATES is a privately held security investigation firm. We were established and licensed in Louisiana in 1997 (LA Lic. 3333-080197-LA). Since that time we have conducted hundreds of fraud and business-related investigations. We specialize in reducing business losses caused by fraud and identifying potential security weaknesses.
[ Related Info: Added: 2004-03-14, Hits: 1980, Rating: 1.00, Votes: 1, Rate it ]
4. Index Investigations
Offerering Private Investigations, and Security services to the legal industrial, commercial, and private sectors in Ontario, Canada, since 1981.
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5. White Talon Investigations
Kansas Private Detective is the Web site of White Talon Investigations, Inc. which assists Law Enforcement, Investigator, Detectives and Attorneys primarily in the State of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.
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6. AGIC Investigations
AGI Investigations and Consulting is a professional and experienced investigative and fraud auditing agency specializing in services for the insurance industry and self-insureds, attorneys and insurance defense, marine investigations, and corporate clients.
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7. Chameleon Group
The Chameleon Group management consists of security consultants and investigation experts with extensive experience in security and intelligence fields. The Chameleon Group has participated in establishing security systems for airlines, industrial plants, commercial and residential properties, as well as diverse activities in intelligence and investigations.
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8. Creative Solutions International
A full service agency providing an innovative and pro-active resource designed to extract the true essance of the private investigator, a highly motivated professional who is interdependent with his or her associates, contacts and technology.
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9. Dallas Security Investigations
Background investigations and corporate casework worldwide thru local resources and international affiliates.
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10. Global Investigations
Investigation service started by a small group of professional investigators, based in Western Australia but offering a global service.
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