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1. Gangland News
Jerry Capeci, America's foremost expert on the American Mafia, is a frequent guest on network and cable television programs in the U.S. and Canada. A longtime reporter, columnist and author, he has written scores of news articles and feature stories about organized crime for newspapers and magazines around the world.
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2. About Organized Crime
News, trials, tactics and techniques, histories and biographies, About Organized Crime is your guide to the unedrworld. Site covers the traditional Mafia as well as international organized crime, including the Yakuza, Tongs and Triads, the Russian Mafia and more.
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3. Cosa Nostra and Racketeering
History of organized crime's involvement in organized labor.
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4. Mafia International
Organized crime site focusing on the U.S. and Sicilian mafia, also the Russian mafia and Australian mafia. Boss profiles, photographs, and a mafia talk forum, real-deal mob news. mob quiz, famous mob cases.
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5. FBI Organized Crime Files
Official site
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6. The Mafia Site
Everything you want to know about the secret society commonly known as the mafia
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7. Mr. Murder Mafia Site
Gangland Graveyard Museum and the Crime Scene Page. Plus historical biographies of Murder Inc., Carmine Galante, Albert Anastasia and others.
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8. American Mafia
Mafia bosses, mob families by city, info on organized crime, and discussion forum from author Rick Porrello.
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9. Vito Genovese
FBI records concerning Vito Genovese date from 1957 to 1969. The documents consist of various anti-racketeering investigations and an investigation regarding allegations of drug trafficking within the U.S. Penitentiary, Atlanta, Georgia, where he was incarcerated for federal narcotics violations. Genovese was referred to as a top mafia officer and had been arrested for homicide, assault, robbery, carrying a concealed weapon, narcotics, alcohol, gambling, and garment industry shakedowns.
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10. Charles "Lucky" Luciano FBI Files
The infamous gangster, Charles Luciano was nicknamed "Lucky" after surviving a gangland "ride" in 1929. He had an extensive arrest record and in June, 1936, Luciano was convicted on 62 of 90 counts of compulsory prostitution and was sentenced to 30 to 50 years imprisonment. He was paroled in 1946 on the condition that he would be deported to his native Italy. During the remainder of his life, the FBI received allegations from time to time that Luciano continued to direct criminal activities in the United States from his place of exile. He suffered a fatal heart attack in Italy in 1962.
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