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1. Board of Inquiries
In 1969, Sergent-Détective Louis-Georges Dupont is found shot to death in his service car. After an inquiry from the Commission de Police du Québec, a judgement from the Superior Court and a board of inquiry, many questions remain and the government seems to want to keep the file closed.
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2. 1976-77 Oakland County Child Slayings
The unsolved murders of four children. Abducted, held 4-19 days, bathed, fed and killed.
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3. America's Unknown Child
Site dedicated to finding out the identity of "The Boy in the Box." The "Boy in the Box" case attracted both local and national media attention when the story broke in February, 1957, and police initially assumed that the identity of the unknown boy would be determined very quickly.
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4. Cold Case Center
The National Center for Cold Cases. Everything related to unsolved crimes, missing persons, fugitives, terrorism and rewards.
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5. Greenwich's Other Unsolved Murder
Matthew Margolies was 13 years old when he was murdered in 1984 in Greenwich CT. This case remains unsolved.
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6. Christopher O'Connor Unsolved Murder
Difficult or troublesome cases can be swept under the carpet, denied or completely ignored. The story of Christopher O’Connor is one of these cases. Help Christopher.
[ Related Info: Added: 2004-03-17, Hits: 3807, Rating: 8.33, Votes: 3, Rate it ]
7. Justice for Jennifer
Jennifer Olson Servo had graduated from University of Montana in May 2002 with a degree in journalism. Less than 3 months after starting her new position as tv reporter in Abilen TX, she was found dead in her apartment, a victim of homicide caused by head trauma and strangulation. Over a year later, no charges have been filed.
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8. Unsolved Murder of Troy Moross 2-24-01
I made this page to re-publicize the unsolved murder of Troy Moross and with hopes of solving this crime and bringing Troy's killer to justice. 2/24/01, Troy / Madison Heights, Michigan. We need your help!
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9. Unsolved Murders
A website for the victims of unsolved murders in Canada who are seeking tips and leads to attain closure and justice.
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10. Unsolved Murder of Daniel Rodriguez
Crime Stoppers will pay up to $1000 cash for information leading to the arrest and indictment of the person(s) responsible for the death of Daniel Rodriguez. On the morning of November 30, 1995 the body of Daniel Rodriguez was found at 110 50th Street, Brooklyn. Daniel Rodriguez was last seen alive on November 21, 1995. Detectives are seeking your help in locating anyone that has information regarding the murder of Daniel Rodriguez.
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