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22 Month Drug Investigation Leads to Arrests of Over 2,200

Would the arrest of 2,200 individuals related to Mexican drug trafficking slow the flow of illegal drugs into the United States? Officials are optimistic as thousands have been taken into custody in a 22-month investigation. A Google News report highlights the activities of Project Deliverance.

This initiative was designed to shut down many of the Mexican cartels’ U.S.-based cells that focus on smuggling drugs such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana across the border into the United States. Authorities also sought to shut down distribution points and specifically focused on Houston.

According to officials, a number of cells working with the drug cartels had the responsibility of laundering drug profits through the purchases of real estate. Individuals within the cells would also smuggle proceeds and guns back into Mexico in order to support the operations of the cartels. The investigation targeted all of Mexico’s major drug organizations, including the Gulf, Beltran Leyva and Sinaloa cartels.

Attorney General Eric Holder told a Washington D.C. news conference that the operations has struck a significant blow against the drug cartels. He was quick to note, however, that as successful as the operation was, it is just one victorious battle in the overall drug war.

Reports from the Justice Department show that the investigation has prompted the seizure of $154 million in cash, more than 1,200 pounds of methamphetamine, over 1,400 pounds of heroin, 2.5 tons of cocaine and marijuana totaling 69 tons.

Carlos Ramon Castro-Rocha is one of the major names included in the thousands arrested in the investigation. He is accused of running a black tar heroin smuggling operation and operated as a middle man for a number of Mexican cartels.

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