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Monday, June 04, 2007

Gives New Meaning to Question, "Have you been smoking crack?"

Washington "incident" - speaks for itself. Sheesh.

"The woman charged with plowing her car through a crowded street festival last weekend while apparently high on cocaine was denied bond Monday. Tonya N. Bell, 30, is charged with aggravated assault, but prosecutors are considering additional charges against her.

Bell is accused of driving through a police barricade into the crowd Saturday evening and striking at least three dozen people with her station wagon. Police said at least 40 people were injured. At least one person was knocked onto the hood and wndshield of the car.

According to charging documents, Bell told police she had been "smoking crack
all day" before driving into the crowd, sending people and strollers flying.
Witnesses said they were disturbed by her reaction as she ran into people. They
said she was laughing."

Australian Investigators Re-open 100 Murder and Missing Person Cases
MORE than 100 unsolved murders will be re-opened in New South Wales, Australia, oaccording to a unsolved homicide review team that was established in 2004. Investigators believe new technology, particularly DNA testing, will give them a good chance of solving some of these cases.

Investigators will review unsolved murders and a number of missing persons cases between 1970 and 2001.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Suspect Arrested for 1983 Murder - Another Cold Case Success
Jose "Joe" Reyes was arrested and charged with capital murder for the murder of Esther Gervara Broberg. In 1983, Broberg's body was found near Givens Park in East Austin. She had been stabbed multiple times.

Detectives believe other people also played a part in the murder. They're asking anyone with information to call the APD homicide tip line at (512) 477-3588 or Crimestoppers at (512) 472-8477.

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