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Arizona County Now Controlled by Mexican Drug Lords

For those who argue that Arizona should relax their approach to illegal immigrants may want to consider Pinal County. According to a recent Examiner piece, the part of the state is being controlled not by the citizens who live there, but by Mexican Drug Lords. At least that is the claim by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

This part of south of the state used to be considered a haven for hiking with the family and going off road with friends. There are now signs throughout the county that warn tourists and citizens of drug smugglers and even those who traffic humans.

Babeu claims that his department no longer has control over certain parts of the county. He shared at a recent press conference that his men are outgunned; out manned and lack the necessary resources to locally fight the problem.

Pinal County has been hit hard recently as Deputy Sheriff Louie Puroll was ambushed and shot during the tracking of six drug smugglers. Babeu referred to the ambush as resembling military tactics.

Although Obama’s administration recently agreed to send 1,200 National Guard troops to the border to help man the area from San Diego to the mouth of the Rio Grande, Babeu has little hope for the initiative. He believes it will fail as his state needs 3,000 soldiers to tackle their own problem.

Babeu noted that the illegal immigration problem is connected to many other crime problems taking place in his county and throughout the rest of Arizona. In many arrests, the individual can often be linked to other serious crimes.

This issue needs to be a primary focus for the state as Babeu highlighted that his actions – or lack thereof – will impact his county and the rest of the state. Pinal County has a number of illegal smuggling routes running through it and without proper resources to fight it, the problem is only expected to grow.

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