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Bodyguard for Mexican Governor Held as Links to Drug Cartels Investigated

The drug problem in Mexico is very real and unfortunately, driven heavily by users within the United States. While governments of both countries are trying to fight the growing problem, such efforts are often met with challenges when internal problems arise.

A recent Associated Press report suggests that an internal problem has occurred in a Mexican governors’ office. A state governor’s body guard has been ordered to jail while an investigation into accusations regarding his ties to a drug cartel takes place. This is just one of many scandals that has occurred in conjunction with area elections.

The bodyguard, Ismael Ortega Galicia, works for Tamaulipas Gov. Eugenio Hernandez. Galicia has been detained for questioning as a result of the appearance of his name on a list of key members of the Gulf or Zeta gangs provided by the U.S. Treasury Department.

While this arrest took place just one week after the governor’s hand-picked successor was killed by gunmen, officials claim Galicia is not considered a suspect in that situation. He is being held for 40 days as the investigation into his cartel dealings are investigated.

This is not the first arrest for Galicia and a lack of evidence secured his release many times in the past. Officials for the governor’s office also highlight that Galicia has traveled to the United States many times with the governor without any problems, despite the inclusion in the Treasury Department list.

It is unclear as to the potential outcome of this investigation, although the governor is standing by Galicia through the process. The bigger issue, of course, is the recent assassinations and their impact on the electoral process.


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