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California Drug Kingpin Arrested

Some men live lives most of us would never even dare to include in our dreams. According to a report in the Latina Lista, the lavish lifestyle of Raydel Rosalío Lopez Uriarte, a.k.a "El Muletas" (Crutches) may soon come to an end.

This particular individual had a song that told of his feats, a movie he promoted, armored cars and gold covered guns with his nick-name engraved in diamonds. He was also head of an army of more than 200 men, each wearing a uniform that bore his name: "Crutches" Special Forces.

His main focus was to dispose of those killed by  "Teo."  He was the one to take them to the "stew maker" or Pozolero, who would in turn dissolve the bodies of enemies and kidnap victims in acid to erase every trace of their crimes.

At just 30 years old, Raydel Rosalio Lopez Uriarte was finally taken into custody in a secret operation led by federal police in La Paz, South Baja, California. With him, was José Manuel García Simental, aka "El Chiquilin" (Tiny) and two of their guards.

Chiquilin was able to ascend the throne of the drug operation in Baja, with the support of “Crutches” who was in charge of recruiting, police protection and the management of the criminal structure.

The investigation was developed in part with the DEA and found "Muletas" had at lease three armored vehicles for his private use as he conducted his business of two or three monthly shipments of at least 500 kilograms of marijuana.

His intricate network was also responsible for moving an average of 250 kilos of methamphetamine known as "ice" brought up to Tijuana from Guadalajara and Michoacan. This ice was to be smuggled across the border to San Diego, Calexico and El Centro.

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