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CLIFF Prison Program Helps Methamphetamine Users Get Clean

The CLIFF: Clean Living Is Freedom Forever program is a substance abuse treatment program that was designed to help incarcerated methamphetamine abusers in Indiana prisons. The program was started in 2005.

Indiana founded the program because methamphetamine use is rampant in the state. The first residential CLIFF program opened at the all-male Miami Correctional Facility in April 2005. Soon after, the program was started at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility and the Rockville Correctional Facility.

The program has proven to be successful in that recidivism rates after leaving prison have been shown to be much lower among those who participated in the CLIFF program versus those who did not.

It is important that law enforcement understand why such programs are successful. Prisoners who have an underlying addiction issue are often in jail because they were caught with drugs, were dealing drugs to support their habit, or committed crimes to support their habit.  If the underlying addiciton is not treated, it is unlikely they will succeed after leaving prison.  Most of those who go to prison with an addiction problem get no treatment at all.  It is not surprising that parolees with untreated addiction end up back in prison over and over.

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