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Concrete Cutter Steals Drugs from Police Exhibit Room

Police stations might not be the first place a drug addict would look for their next fix, but the evidence room may offer more than he or she can resist. According to a piece in the Herald Sun, a speed addict found the perfect staff in an exhibit room while he was working to install an air ventilator.

Police were not notified that concrete cutter Tony Jackson had a 20-year addiction to methamphetamines when he was left unattended while installing the ventilator at the Maroochydore station on the Sunshine Coast.

While left alone like a child with a roomful of candy, Jackson was unable to resist the temptation and grabbed a large bag full of speed, ecstasy and cocaine. The missing drugs were undetected until three months later. By that time, Jackson had already distributed the ecstasy and cocaine in return for more speed.

Jackson told the court and Justice Debbie Mullins that he had used all of the speed and had not slept for 21 days before deciding to get some help for his addiction. Mullins asked Prosecutor Paula Price if the police do background checks on all contractors, communicating that she assumed they did not given Jackson’s ability to take the job and work alone.

Jackson entered a guilty plea to stealing the drugs from the exhibit room, possessing the drugs and four counts of supplying drugs. He was able to get his hands on a bag containing 1,925 ecstasy tablets, white powder containing 4.987 grams of cocaine and 15.5 grams of speed.

Jackson sought help for his addiction, was drug free at the time of his plea and was sentenced to three years jail time with a parole release date set for six months.


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