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Criminal Blames Crimes on Substance Problems

While substance addictions can cause an individual to do a number of strange things, most addicts tend to wear clothes when they enter society or choose to break the law. In the case of Michel T. Victor, robbing in the nude was the preferred method.

An article in the Philly Burbs reported on Victor’s crimes and his habit of blaming his crimes on his alcoholism and addiction to prescription drugs. Victor’s crimes include breaks-ins and thefts of women’s underwear from his neighbor and an apartment building across the street from his home.

"I do not remember all or even what happened," said Victor in the Philly Burbs. "I want to make a sincere apology to all those who I offended." Victor added that he now only cares about moving forward with treatment for his addictions and living the life of a responsible citizen and a "life of spirituality."

Victor has been in prison since his arrest on Aug. 5, 2009. His crime-filled lifestyle cost Victor his wife of 25 years, a custodial position with the Philadelphia School District and his home. Even with what he has “paid” thus far, his time is not yet served. His apology and some 15 letters from supporters describing him as a hard-working and good man will not secure a release.

"People should have the peace and quiet of their own homes," said Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O'Neill. "To be disturbed in their own homes by these crimes is incredibly creepy and it is my job to protect future victims from these incredibly creepy crimes."

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