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Drug Addicted Pharmacy Thief Ignored Treatment Opportunities

For those who commit crimes in order to support their drug habit, is it better to deliver a sentence of jail time or drug treatment? This question came to a head in the case of Andrew H. Bagley, 27, who was sentenced recently to a 50-year prison term and 35 years suspended.

The Missoulian reported that drug-addicted Bagley committed a spree of pharmacy burglaries last year to support his drug habit. His lawyer pleaded for long-term drug treatment, but the judge had other plans in mind. He believes Bagley has had ample opportunity to reform himself.

Bagley had previously pleased guilty to five counts of burglary and five counts of criminal drug possession, all felonies. Bagley must complete a 15-year prison term and then serve the remaining on probation.

Andrew H. Bagley, 27, previously pleaded guilty to five counts of burglary and five counts of criminal drug possession, all felonies. After completing the 15-year prison term, or being released early on parole, Bagley will serve out the remaining years on probation.

When the pharmacies were burglarized in November 2008, Bagley was already on probation for robbing Missoula’s SavMor Pharmacy in 2007 when he stole the drugstore’s entire supply of oxycodone.

Just one year after Judge McLean sentenced Bagley to five years in the custody of the Department of Corrections and 10 years on probation, Bagley was arrested outside the same pharmacy. The now convicted, non-violent felon had hacked through drywall with a pry bar to gain access to nearly $13,000 in prescription medications.

"The court feels the state has made every effort to work with Mr. Bagley, and he has shown no deference," said McLean, referring to Bagley's previous sentence. The Judge at that time allowed some drug treatment and for Bagley to return to Missoula to work on conditional release.

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