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Drug Addiction Leads to Multiple Accusations of Sexual Crimes

A drug addiction can make individuals do things that may be easily considered out of character. This becomes a bigger issue when these things involve crimes. According to a Star Telegram piece, the addiction can get you mixed up with the wrong people.

Jeffrey Williams is one who claims he is the victim of revenge. The 46-year-old is accused of sexual assault. In the past, he has admitted to three separate sexual assault charges as part of agreements with the state. The fourth charge is the result of a link through a DNA database.

Williams insisted in an interview that he has never raped a woman and attributed the repeated charges to his drug addiction and the people associated with this aspect of his life.

"When you deal with drug addicts and you're a drug addict, you're going to get burned, and unfortunately, it happened to me four times," Williams said in the interview. "It's called getting even, and it worked. I didn't rape nobody. I did not force nobody to have sex with me.”

According to Sgt. Cheryl Johnson, supervisor of the Fort Worth sex crimes unit, Williams is a “predator.” She describes him as preying on the weak and available and now that he is caught, he is looking for a way out.

Williams admits he had used drugs and then had consensual sex with the woman who he claims is now falsely accusing him of rape after her roommate walked in on them. He claimed he accepted to a plea agreement simply because he was facing a large amount of time in prison.

New Jersey case files notes that Williams had a poor family background and limited intellectual ability. The files also noted the "heinous and violent nature" of his crime. If not severely dealt with, the note stated, it was likely that Williams "might commit other offenses of this nature."

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