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Drug Fugitive's Stash Found Abandoned

Puerto Rican drug fugitive is still on the run, but his drugs have been found by investigators in the José Figueroa Agosto case. The Dominican Today reported the drugs were transacted by Manuel Emilio Beltré "E Gringo" and Pascual Cordero Martinez "El Chino" in the capital’s northern slums.

Figueroa’s organization is said to have close ties with the Cali Drug Cartel and his drugs were reportedly supplied by Colombia’s Cali Cartel through airdrops in farms and along the Caribbean seashore. The drugs were then gathered by Ramon Antonio del Rosario, and “Toño Leña," a man known as "Pata de Palo" and Pascual de Jesus Cabrera for storage.

At this point, brothers Cesar and Miguel Starky Garcia Coste and Joel Hernandez Cuevas delivered the merchandise to Beltré and Cordero. It was their job to deal the drugs in the capital, especially in the northern barrios.

According to authorities, this group is believed to have used the nearly abandoned apartment in the condo Carola IV in upscale Naco to store the drugs. This activity would occur two to three times per month, but the group elected to abandon the location completely after Figueroa fled.

The Drugs Agency Control (DNCD) has accused Cabrera of trafficking 1,000 kilos of cocaine. He was indicted in 1998, along with Camilo Perez Diloné "Bimbin" and Martin Cordero "Andrés." DNCD claim Toño Leña, Pata de Palo and Cabrera Ruiz are the ones responsible for the drugs which enter through the eastern region.

The search for the three is easily equated to looking for needles in a haystack and it is unclear if they will be apprehended. Toño Leña was recently declared a fugitive and in revolt.

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