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Drug-Related Murders Escalating in Tijuana Mexico

Drug crime arising from the narco-traffickers in Mexico has been on the rise for years, but recent escalations and horrifying scenes of violence have alarmed law enforcement on both sides of the border.

Imagine this: 45 people were killed in Tijuana between Dec 12th and 17th 2009. That means an average of nine people are day are dying in the drug cartel wars. There had been a sort of truce between rival narco crime bosses, but it seems that is no longer the case. Last year there were more than 800 murders tied to the drug cartels in Mexico.

Some of the scenes are particularly grisly. They hung the a mutilated body from a highway overpass and four of the victims were decapitated. In the past they have opened fire in restaurants and even in drug rehab centers.

Just this Wednesday, eight people were killed, and bodies have been found in parked cars and on the streets.

A state police officer was wounded while on patrol Monday.

Law enforcement believes the increased violence stems from an internal challenge to
Fernando Sanchez Arellano, a nephew of the Arellano cartel founder. He has been challenged by one of his lieutenants.

Tijuana's death toll this year is about 580.

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