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Drug Trade Lures Australian Man to Murderous Lifestyle

Drug Trade Lures Australian Man to Murderous Lifestyle

Much of the attraction of the drug trade in any country is the potential for millions. This is part of what Carl Williams found to be a draw into this criminal world in Australia, specifically the streets of Broadmeadows in Melbourne’s west. Kept under close thumb by his parents, Williams didn’t experience the consequences of true drug crimes until he reached 20.

An article in The Australian noted Williams’ arrest for minor drug offenses really just opened the door for him to mix with real criminals. His time in prison helped him establish a network of petty criminal associates, which eventually led to his association with Lewis Moran and sons, Jason and Mark, members of the notorious and well-established Melbourne criminal network, the Carlton Crew.

A strong friendship emerged among these men who had cornered the city’s drug trade. Apparently Williams became greedy and things went bad when he tried to undercut the Morans on a drug deal. The Morans sought revenge by shooting Williams in the stomach, launching a murderous rivalry that would serve as the core of Melbourne’s gangland war.

Williams set out to exact revenge on the Moran family, eliminating members one by one. Mark Moran was the first hit. Without any evidence against him, Williams was never accused of the murder. From that point on, Williams committed as many as 11 murders in a four year period and ordered several others.

One of the killings included Jason Moran whose death was ordered by Williams. Two of his associated were assigned to assassinate Moran at a children’s football clinic in Essendon North. Williams’ hit men fatally shot Moran in broad daylight in close range as he sat in the front seat of his car, his children in the back seat.

At his trial in 2005, Williams claimed to be the devil. Not a born killer, the lure of the drug trade certainly paved the way for a murderous lifestyle for this man who was once taught to take the straight and narrow.

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