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Drug Trafficking Ambush Leaves 14 Police Dead

Drug violence is rampant in Mexico, but it is not the only country dealing with violence and death. A recent Mizzima report claimed an ambush by drug traffickers on February 20 claimed the lives of 14 police personnel in an area bordering Burma, Laos and Thailand.

Two other policemen were wounded in the ambush and taken to Rangoon General Hospital. The policemen were from Wan Pong Township police force in Tachileik District, Shan State. They faced fire from the drug cartel’s army led by Naw Kham while on routine patrol.

According to Sub-Inspector Sein Hlaing, a 16-member police unit led by Police Inspector Khin Maung Yin was on routine patrol duty in three boats. Two boats came ashore when they noticed two women and two men fleeing to the island when they reached Pu Kying Island in Laos' territory.

When the police boats came ashore, the drug traffickers opened fire on them, using 40 mm grenade launchers. Traffickers then opened small arms fire. After the incident, Laos soldiers saved sub-inspector Sein Hlaing and police constable Kee Muu from the water.

The violence occurred on Pu Kying Island in Laos territory, east of Pa Sar and Sam Puu villages. Survivors claim the injured were brutally tortured and killed with knives by the drug cartel’s army.

The trafficking group among the Naw Kham group is believed to be as many as 80 personnel. The group collects levy and protection money from drug traffickers in the Golden Triangle, in addition to trafficking heroin and methamphetamine drugs.


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