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Drug Violence Continues in Juarez

The violence in Juarez doesn’t appear to be settling down. According to a report in the Las Cruces Sun-News, homicides in this city will soon surpass the 5,000 mark. As of Sunday evening, there have been more than 760 murders this year along. The total since 2008 when the drug cartel war erupted has reached 4,992.

The war between the drug cartels in Juarez and Sinaloa began in January 2008. This war sparked an unprecedented wave of murder. Violence in the region includes daytime street shootings, mutilations and massacres.

Gunmen burst into a funeral vigil for a slain teenager one Saturday night and opened fire. The violence resulted in three dead women and 10 wounded individuals. According to Chihuahua state police, shooters fired 44 rounds.

The city of Juarez is still reeling from the brazen ambush of a police patrol that resulted in the killing of six federal officers, a city policewoman and another man on Friday afternoon on a busy street.

According to officials, Juarez police have been on red alert, ensuring patrols are now done in squads of three or four vehicles in an attempt to deter additional attacks.

Recent reports from the Associated Press show the Sinaloa cartel is winning the turf war against La Linea. In a graffiti message, the cartel denied it had lost control of the territory.

"At these heights, the city cannot keep being treated as a laboratory for strategies," Mexican Sen. Ramon Galindo of Chihuahua said in a statement. "Guarantees are needed that the correct thing is being done with the correct people and the correct strategy."


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