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Former Houston Parks Department Worker Identified as Drug Cartel Leader

Residents of Houston may be disturbed to know that a former Parks Department employee found a new career in narcotics trafficking. The Chron reported this individual admitted in federal court that he held a drug cartel responsible for moving millions of dollars worth of cocaine from Monterrey, Mexico to Houston.

Authorities had long suspected that Jaime Zamora tool sole control of the business in Houston once his brother was murdered in Mexico. Zamora focused on exchanging bulk cash and drugs in his East End home. The business also involved his parents’ home across the street.

Zamora has pleaded guilty to conspiring to possess with intent to distribute cocaine. He was caught in an undercover operation by a drug enforcement agent. Zamora is also accused of killing an innocent man as a result of a mistaken identity.

Zamora gunned down a man he mistakenly thought was his hated drug rival, “El Narizon,” Spanish for Big Nose. Instead, he took the life of a man simply out having dinner with his family.

When examining the cases together, the court system is unraveling much of what is considered to be mystery and mayhem surrounding the influence of drug cartels in America’s fourth largest city.

In the year 2006, an endless flow of cash was available to all Zamora’s men to comb the city, hunting for “Narizon”, whose real name was Santiago Salinas. This rival had reportedly thrown grenades at a Zamora clan gathering, which included children.

Narizon was tracked to a seafood restaurant on the Gulf Freeway. When the moment came to execute, the hit men in the parking lot identified the wrong guy. As the innocent man was shot to death, Salinas sat at another table in the restaurant unnoticed. He escaped unharmed.

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