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Group Claims International Agencies Funding Executions for Drug Crimes

For those who oppose the growing drug trade and the impact it is having on communities – especially children – an interesting argument arises when the idea of execution enters the conversation. If individuals bent on pushing the drug trade to new levels are helping to ruin, and even end lives, should they be allowed to live as well?

This is a question now being asked by groups examining anti-drug crime measures. According to a piece in the Guardian, The United Nations, the European commission and individual states are funding anti-drug crime measures that are indirectly leading to offender executions.

The International Harm Reduction Association (IHRA) has gathered evidence that reveals strong links between executions for drug offences and the funding of specific drug enforcement operations by international organizations. IHRA advocates less punitive approaches to drug policy throughout the world.

This report highlights the inherent problem with programs currently in use. Many of these programs aim to help local efforts combat drug trafficking and other offences, but there are not appropriate safeguards in place to be sure tasks are handled in appropriate manners. Processes are not in place to prevent serious human rights violations.

Findings from the report suggest that the UN Office on Drugs and Crime is actively involved in funding and/or delivering technical assistance, legislative support and financial aid to help law enforcement in their fight against drug activities in states where the death penalty is in place for drug offences.

The funding, training and capacity-building activities could result in increased convictions if they are successful. According to IHRA, it would also mean an increased potential for death sentences and executions.

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