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Man Arrested for Carrying Cannabis Into Dubai

Drug trafficking throughout the world is a growing problem. The biggest challenge for law enforcement customs officials is discovering drugs or other paraphernalia moving across borders. Not all smuggling is in large numbers and in some cases, the smuggling is purely cash. Either way -  it keeps these officers focused on each and every individual moving through customs.

A recent news report tells of a man nabbed by European police after he allegedly carried 2kg of cannabis traced by Dubai customs officers. The stash was discovered during the routine X-ray inspection at the Dubai Cargo Village.

The package aroused suspicion when it arrived in Dubai from Africa, yet the desired destination was an unknown European destination. Once inspected by a custom official, it was discovered that the packet was wrapped in such a way that it misrepresented the intentions of the person associated with the package.

In coordinating with the Anti-Drug Department at Dubai Police Headquarters and with their European counterparts, the customs officials were able to arrest the person for further interrogation and investigation.

This particular package continued packets of the drug wrapped in a parcel of sponge and plastic and the Sniffer dogs had no trouble tracing the suspicious material inside the packets. Customs officials then conducted regular tests at the mobile testing units and found 2 Kilos of cannabis wrapped inside the packets.

Mohammed Mater Al Mari, Executive Director of Cargo Operations at Dubai Customs said, "Cooperation in exchanging information in connection with such shipment was made as well with another European capital city to which the drugs shipment was destining, after leaving Dubai and before landing at its final destination where the owner was waiting."

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